Web and Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions

 First mobile application MonolitMap

The application enables searching through points of interest and planning of stops on the way. Searching through attractions, dining venues, hotels, local attractions and other interesting locations is bringing added value to planning trips and travel.

Application is available for Android platform 2.2. or more. You can download it from Google Play.

Mobile application Monolit2Go

The application enables planning of free time activities like biking and hiking tours, wine and fruit roads and other touristic roads through Slovenia. Users can get a detailed description of the road with pictures, distance, elevation model and other data about the road.

Application is available for Android platform 2.2. or more. You can download it from Google Play.

 Other solutions and services

MonolitMap web services

Web solutions Monolitmap are an excellent basis for geographic information systems and enable a fast and effective planning and fleet management. A quality map is basic for preparing plans. Knowing the exact location of vehicles, speed limits and other constraints is adding to the effectiveness of services by reducing transportation costs and time.

Web services Monolit enable fast access to spatial information. We provide you data in a few seconds after your demand.

 Through web services you can:

  1. Search through different geographical terms:
    • Search by streets, settlements, house numbers, POI
    • Search through GPs coordinates in the address
  2. Preparation and display of maps:
    • Display of raster map in different sizes and scales
    • Display of vector map in different sizes and scales
  3. Route calculation:
    • Route calculation between different search terms

Solution is used for:

  • Setting geo-locations,
  • As a base for GIS applications,
  • Preparation and calculations of travel expenses,
  • Fleet management,
  • Analysis, planning, geocoding…

Why MonolitMap:

  • Easy use,
  • Fast activation,
  • Possibility to adjust to client,
  • Internet access,
  • Updated maps,
  • Acceptable price.

Web service is using Monolit's Slovenian and European maps. Besides both cartographies we can add different layers of data that are geo-located.