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Company Monolit since the beginning of the establishment deals with editing and management of location based data. Traffic Platform represents an upgrade of managing spatial data which we started with a partner company Bemobile from Belgium.

Traffic platform continuously and anonymously monitors the live moments of vehicles driving on the total road network and generates information about traffic flow information in a given period of time. Based on the vehicle movements on the road a real time route and travel time is calculated. 

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Traffic platform enables the following:

  • FCD data for entire Slovenia.
  • Possibility of dynamic planning and optimization of fleet management.
  • Ability to use historical data for analysis, predictions and planning.

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Advantages of traffic platform:

  • Data and services connectivity independent of the user's platform.
  • Traffic flow information is available in three time frames:
    1. Real-time data: for information and decisions in real time,
    2. Historical information: historical information, collected in patterns, ideal for data analysis,
    3. Prediction information: short term predictions, help in decision making.
  • Full road network coverage
  • Travel time information: data about traffic flow in comparison to point based event data