PlanLogiX is a high performing and user friendly application tool for planning and optimization of routes in transport and logistics. It enables optimal route calculations for entire fleet of vehicles. It is based on an accurate and detailed road network, that enables also inclusion of specific traffic restrictions. Planning can be performed at different levels – from simulating situations to daily operational planning.

Advantages of PlanLogiX system:

  • Simple and efficient planning of transport routes
  • Preparation of analysis and reports
  • Lowering transportation costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Better service for clients
  • Flexible planning
  • Integration with current ERP/CRM systems

PlanLogiX offers many functionalities and adjustable parameters like time windows, compatibility of products, types and capacities of vehicles, compatibilities of vehicles and products, access restrictions, working hours, cost of vehicles and staff, zoning of customers and orders, size of warehouse, loading and unloading time, adjustable road speed, emissions and many other.

More about optimization with reorganization of transport routes and fleet you can find here.