Map of Slovenia and Europe

Map of Slovenia is a unique vector map with full coverage that enables cartographic and tabular review of spatial data for entire Slovenian territory.

The map includes the following layers:

  • Road network
  • Railroads
  • Waters (rivers, bigger lakes, oceans)
  • Peaks
  • State boarders
  • Cities and villages
  • Points of interest (gas stations, hotels, post offices, parking areas, museums …)
  • Usage of space (green areas, forest areas, building areas, parks and cemeteries, sports ground)
  • Buildings
  • Street names
  • House numbers
  • City bus lines and stops

Maintenance of the database is running through grasping by satellite images, field inspections, with driving or tracking vehicles and after notification of our clients. We collect information about errors and novelties on the level of entire Slovenia and we guarantee that our database is always up to date and regularly maintained, so we can offer quality spatial information.

Part of Slovenian map

Figure 1: Part of Slovenian map

Usage and purchase of the map is not dependant on any device or program equipment. Maps are in Esri shape format, but on the wish of the client we can convert it in other formats

Our clients and users are world known companies, which use navigation maps in their products and services like navigation devices, web portals and GIS systems. Our long term partner and user of digital maps is a world cartography company Navteq. You can order maps of entire Europe or maps by countries or regions by us.

Map of Slovenia is used in navigation devices like Garmin, Mio, I-go, Navon and AvMap. On Slovenian market we have references for products that became part of everyday life. Those products are for example National phone book of Slovenia, maps, PIRS – business phone book and many more. Besides that we are also present in many companies with GIS systems which use our maps for different analysis, planning and calculations.


Slovenian map has a full coverage of road network (highways, regional and local roads, forest roads, footpaths) and has all the navigational attributes that enable calculations and display of routes from point A to B.

Advantages of vector map:

  • Saving time when you look for location information
  • Helps with work tasks on operational level
  • Helps with strategic management decisions
  • As an add on to geographic information systems

This service is designed for companies with location dispersed objects, construction companies, investment and distribution companies, in short all companies that on account of their expanse and nature of activity need fast access to updated spatial data.

Maps can be used for different purposes:

  • for display on web sites,
  • as support for preparing geo-analysis and studies,
  • for logistics support for companies,
  • as a base for optimizations,
  • for making printable maps,
  • for location based services,
  • for navigation devices, mobile and web applications
  • for free time and trip planning.

Because of different needs and wishes of our clients we offer the map as a whole entity or you can use it by different layers.


Because of different wishes and demand on the market we upgraded our vector database Monolit with topographic map. It is interesting mostly for hikers, rescuers, bikers and all those who wish to get to know our Slovenia a little bit better.

Contents of SLO TOPO:

  • Forest areas
  • Waters
  • Contour-lines
  • Objects
  • Points of interest
  • Geographical names
  • Main roads and railroads for easier orientation
  • Paths
    • marked paths (normal, demanding),
    • unmarked paths,
    • Slovenian mountain path,
    • Slovenian geological path,
    • European footpathE6,
    • European footpath E7,
    • wine road,
    • forest learning path,
  • Touristic roads:
    • Zlatorogova path
    • Smaragdna path
    • Vetrova path
    • Sončna path
    • Jantarjeva path
    • Krošnjarska path
    • Šavrinska južina
    • Jajčarice
    • Mlinska cesta
  • some known bicycle paths
  • Ski slopes
  • Main roads and railways for easier orientation
Outdoor map

Figure 2: Outdoor map


Figure 3: Elevation

For mountaineers and all other users the map includes some important information. The data is upgraded with contour-lines, different mountain paths are exposed, mountain huts and bivouacs are marked (also with a telephone number), peaks with names and sea level heights, forest and other green areas, rocky areas, water surfaces and other.

The new topographic map with the help of navigational device enables entirely new experiences on the known and unknown paths.

Both maps are publicly accessible on our portal.