30/10/2012Discover the beauties of Slovenia with new app Monolit2Go

Try our new mobile application Monolit2Go for searching and planning trips around Slovenia. Application offers information about hiking, cycling and different touristic paths and is available for all smart phones with Android operation system. Shortly a new version will also be available for iOS platform.

Our company developed the first mobile application Monolit2Go that enables users to search different paths and planning of trips around Slovenia. Application offers information for everyone looking for a quick afternoon trip or a more difficult adventure. A simple and friendly menu helps us choose the right path.

Application includes more than 763 routes with detailed data like:

  • Route length
  • Time travelled
  • Elevation profile
  • Difficulty
  • Altitude difference and
  • Other data like short description and pictures.

Application also includes Slovenian mountain trail and European walking paths E6 and E7.

Monolit2Go initial view  Monolit2Go map view  Monolit2Go route description

When you use your GPS location or mobile network the application shows your current location on the map. And you can also navigate and receive a route description to the starting point of your trip.

You can find our application Monolit2Go in Google Play store through this link: Monolit2Go.