03/12/2015 New application Slovenia Trails Hiking&Biking

Slovenia Trails is a mobile guide for Slovenian hiking and biking trails. Application was developed in cooperation with company Monolit d.o.o. and Slovenian Hiking&Biking assocciation. It includes specialised accomodation facilities and more than 200 hiking&biking routes. It is already available on Google Play[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=si.monolit.topo.hikingbiking&hl=en] for Android users and it will also be accessible to iOS users soon.

08/04/2015 Celebrating 20 years in business

20 years of Monolit This year company Monolit is celebrating 20 years in business at local and foreign markets. Our begining goes in 1995 when we started with digitalization of land cadastre. We are the leading providers of Slovenian map data. Development of location based portals and navigation systems enabled our map to become part of Slovenian and foreign products from companies like Google, Here, NNG, Garmin, Mio, Magellan, Telekom Slovenije, TSmedia, Petrol, Mercator, Engrotuš and many others.

09/02/2015 Monolit participating in Sales Summit 2015

Tomorrow Grand hotel Union will host the 9th Sales Summit 2015, which will present key sales models and practical tips for effective sale.

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