Our web applications offer fast and effective GIS information in every moment. Through web applications you can gain access to our map, get geocodes and make optimizations.

Our solution is fast, secure, quality and compatible with all systems. The main advantage of web services is a simple access to updated and maintained data.

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SLO and EU map

We are the only provider for vector map of Slovenia that can be used in navigation devices, geographic-information systems, web and mobile applications and classic printed maps.

The map is in the scale of 1:5.000 and enables a quality overview of spatial data all the way to the house number. It is built from different layers like streets, buildings, railroads, built-up areas, points of interest etc.

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Traffic platform

Based on the vehicles commuting daily on Slovenian roads we continuously and anonymously monitor the traffic situation on the road network. All vehicle movements are matched to a road and a driven route is calculated resulting in an individual travel time.

Be informed about the traffic density and actual travel times on Slovenian road network. Data from the traffic platform can be used in different solutions and applications.

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22/05/2018 Spring trips with Monolit2go

In the coming months, take advantage of the sunny days to explore new routes using the Monolit2go application. Our employees have already planned their outdoor activities with the help of Monolit2go app and attended the Three member team run in Ljubljana and organized a hiking tour to Golica to see beautiful daffodils. For more see the gallery below.